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Couple Counselling FAQ

What is Couple Counselling?
Couples counselling (which can also be referred to as marriage guidance) is a form of therapy that looks to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. You can improve your relationship with better communication and greater understanding.

How long will it take?
Therapy can be for a fixed number of sessions or can take place over a longer period of time. This is decided in conjunction with the couple at an initial consultation.

What if my partner won't attend?
Couple counselling can be used by an individual whose partner is unable or unwilling to attend. Couple Counselling can also be helpful where there has been the loss of a partner through separation, divorce or death.

What kind of problems do people usually bring to Couple Counselling?
People seek counselling for a range of problems and every couple is different. Some of the most common complaints include lack of communication, frequent or constant arguments, unfulfilled emotional needs, financial concerns and conflicts about children.

So if I was meant to be with my partner, then why are we both so miserable?
The very quality that attract us to our partner initially can often frustrate or repel us later in the relationship ... especially if we are not clear about what we need from the other person. Many times, our longings in relationship are unconscious. The goal of counselling is to begin to understand your unconscious patterns in relationship.

What are the signs of a couple relationship is in trouble?
A study by (Dr. John Gottman) - a relationship researcher has shown that there are four dangers signs of a relationship that is in danger of breaking up. They are known as "the four horesemen of the Apocalypse".

  1. The first is CONTEMPT
    If one or both partners disregard each other, making belittling comments, or role their eyes, it shows they are closing off from one another
  2. The second is CRITICISM
    This is a general kind of blanket character assassination.
  3. The third is DEFENSIVENESS
    Not being willing to admit much of anything or grant the partner any credibility.
  4. The fourth is STONEWALLING
    This is a rather complete shutdown and turning off feeling.