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Couple Counselling

Couple relationship is unique and it demands special expertise. It involves working with relationship partners to limit and soften negative patterns of response that become entrenched over time and, to build more positive responses that strengthen the emotional binds.

These sessions aim to equip couples with the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, understand your partner and yourself better.

Begin couples therapy sooner rather than later because many couples procrastinate to go for counselling and by the time they decide to do so, their problems are too severe. Some relationships are 'dead at arrival' at the first session.

Relationship counselling can be helpful, but it can initially make things worse because we are perturbing with a relationship system in order to help re-build it more safely and successfully.

Couple and relationship issues

  • Infidelity

    The discovery of an affair is one of the lowest and darkest moments of one's life. This is because affairs can shatter trust and will result in many couples seriously to end their marriages or relationships. The task of healing from infidelity to repairing the marriage and restoring trust can be most challenging.
  • Life Transition

    New parenthood, divorce or other major changes in your life
  • Infertility

    The inability to conceive a child, is often emotionally painful
  • Other issues

    • deal with frusrtation and strains from in laws
    • deal with anger, hurt and domestic violence/abuse
    • heading towards a relationship breakup, seperation/divorce
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Create a divorce-resistance marriage. Build a stable foundation for a lifetime and make sure you have what it takes to have a successful relationship.
Research has shown that couples who have attended some premarital counselling or early marriage training have a much better chance of staying together - These skills can support and guide your growth, both as an individual and as a couple.
Pre marriage counselling is a process designed to support your relationship by providing the tools and coaching you'll need to build a fulfilling life together in years to come.
Topics on communication, conflict resolution, finances, spirituality and leisure activities/shared interest will be covered. An objective evaluation of your own preconceived ideas and expectation. Understand how external factors such as family values, religion, lifestyle and culture can affect a marriage.

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